Company Profile

VHM Limited (VHM) is an Australian owned and operated, unlisted public rare earth and mineral sands zircon mine development company that was established in 2014.

VHM’s Board of Directors and management team have been involved in delivering some of Australia’s largest resource projects.

VHM’s flagship development is the Goschen Project, located in the Loddon Mallee region in the rural northwest of Victoria, Australia. Mining and engineering studies have confirmed the Goschen Project’s potential as a highly robust, long-life project that has a high recovery of zircon and rare earth minerals and is able to produce high-quality, high-grade zircon and rare earth products. In addition to developing the Goschen Project, VHM Limited has an ongoing systematic program designed to identify new opportunities to increase the company’s value.

Our products will include rare earth and premium zircon. VHM is well-placed to be a reliable, sustainable and reputable producer and supplier of high-quality zircon and rare earth products.

Rare Earths

Rare earth elements are a group of specialty metals with physical and chemical properties which are in high demand for the production of many modern and emerging technologies. Hybrid and electric vehicles, wind turbines, medical industrial and military lasers, and fibre optics require rare earths & demand is increasing rapidly.


Zircon is a silicate mineral that is both a popular gemstone but more commonly applied in various industrial processes due to its stability at extremely high temperatures and resistance to corrosion. It is often used in the manufacturing of high performance alloys and specialty steel, electronic and computer components, fibre optics, refractory coatings and furnace linings. In powdered form it is a highly reflective bright white and is used as a whitening agent or an opacifier. It is often used as glazing on ceramics and in a variety of dental products including dentures.