Environment Effects Statement

VHM Limited is planning to develop the Goschen Rare Earths and Mineral Sands Project in the Loddon-Mallee region of Victoria.  Situated approximately 275 kilometres north west of Melbourne and 35 kilometres south of Swan Hill, the project will involve the mining and processing of rare earth minerals and heavy mineral sands over a 20-25 year mine life.  Mine products are proposed to be transported via road and rail for export overseas.

The Public Exhibition for the Environment Effects Statement (EES) for the Goschen Project concluded on 17 January 2024. The subsequent Inquiry and Advisory Committee (IAC) Hearing concluded on 30 April 2024.

The IAC has considered all submissions, presentations and evidence to inform its report and recommendations to be made to the Victorian Minister for Planning (the Minister) on the EES and the draft Planning Scheme amendment. The IAC submitted its report on 27 June 2024 to the Minister in accordance with the Terms of Reference. The Minister will decide if and when the IAC report will be made publicly available. If released, the report will be published online.

The Minister for Planning will make her assessment of the environmental effects of the project after considering the IAC’s report as well as the EES, submissions, and any other relevant matters.

Information on the EES Approval process can be found on the Victorian Government’s Engage Victoria website https://engage.vic.gov.au/Goschen-IAC

I.   Draft Work Plan. Download PDF

I.   Draft Work Plan – Community Engagement Plan. Download PDF

II.  Development Licence. Download PDF

III. Planning Scheme Amendment. Download PDF

IV. Economic Assessment. Download PDF

A.  Flora vegetation. Download PDF

A1.  Flora addendum. Download PDF

B.  Fauna ecology. Download PDF

C.  Cultural heritage. Download PDF

D.  Landscape and visual. Download PDF

E.  Traffic and transport. Download PDF

F.  Noise. Download PDF

G. Air quality. Download PDF

H1. Surface water. Download PDF

H2. Mine site surface water. Download PDF

I.  Groundwater. Download PDF

J.  Geotechnical. Download PDF

K.  Land use planning. Download PDF

L.  Agriculture. Download PDF

M.  Soils and land resource. Download PDF

N.  Radiation. Download PDF

O.  Social impacts. Download PDF

P.  Rehabilitation and closure. Download PDF

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