The AREM Refinery intends to produce separated rare earth oxides (REO), fed by rare earth carbonate, to contribute a significant proportion of global REO production. This approach will lead to the establishment of a significant strategic industry in Australia with the goal of processing carbonates from the Goschen Project, future VHM projects, as well as other producers.

Independent commentators across the globe continue to draw attention to the major opportunities for critical minerals and the rare earths sector, while sovereign governments and international manufacturing corporations work towards securing a reliable supply of these strategic commodities.

The AREM Refinery presents an important step towards securing Australia’s future in the global critical minerals market, evidenced by the Federal Government awarding Major Project Status to the Company.

As a future supplier of high-quality and ethically sourced rare earth minerals, fundamental to EV production, VHM represents a low-risk partner for manufacturers seeking a consistently high-quality product and is well placed to capitalise on this growing international demand.