Councillors from Swan Hill Rural City Council shared their views with the VHM team during an operations tour for the proposed Goschen Critical Minerals Project last week.

Since entering a Memorandum of Understanding with both vested councils – Swan Hill Rural City and Gannawarra shires earlier in the year, VHM’s senior leaders for Community, Environment and Operations have continued to meet with local council members to discuss the next front of economic and community development priorities for the region; ahead of the Approvals stage for the Goschen Project.

Behind the hospital, Swan Hill District Health, the proposed Goschen Project would be the largest employer in the Mallee, with a forecasted mine operation workforce of approximately 400 workers, making early planning and collaboration on key economic and social service development initiatives imperative for growth in the Region.

In addition to a stop at Kangaroo Lake to discuss water and power supply for the Project, the tour group also visited the Ultima township where QUBE Logistics rails agriculture products and where VHM plans to transport its critical minerals products from (subject to successful Project Approval).

Shared amenities and attracting younger generations back to the region made the top areas for discussion. General interest in how the Goschen Project can help the nation with decarbonising the economy also made for thorough and positive discussions.

“The VHM team developing the Goschen Project presented well-considered options for bringing the Goschen Project online – with a focus on legacy, equitable outcomes and opportunity for the people and businesses here in the Loddon-Mallee Region.” said Swan Hill Rural City Council Chief Executive Officer Scott Barber.

VHM’s Community Engagement and People General Manager Debbie Rice also said, “I am really pleased the Swan Hill Councillors came out to see what the Goschen Project has to bring to the Loddon-Mallee Region.”

“The VHM team is passionate about the opportunities which the Goschen Project can bring to the local towns. By the quality of questions and open discussions, the Councillors are equally focused on putting the experience of community first, and creating a place where families can thrive and stay.” Debbie continued.

Gannawarra Councillors attended a similar proposed Goschen Project Operation tour with VHM earlier in the year.

Published by The Guardian (Swan Hill)