VHM Limited’s approach to environmental management is founded on our commitment to manage our projects in a manner that ensures long lasting benefits to the environment and community. VHM Limited is a responsible company which recognises and respects the environment and the values and rights of others in the environment.

Environment and Sustainability Policy

Our Environment and Sustainability Policy reflects our commitment to integrate environmental concerns into project planning, development, operations and rehabilitation. VHM commits to develop and implement environmental management measures that prevent or minimise the environmental effects of its operations. As a minimum, VHM will ensure compliance with applicable environmental legislation, however, we aim to go above and beyond the legislative requirements, continuously assessing and improving our environmental performance and methods to ensure minimal impact wherever possible during and after operations.

The Goschen Zircon and Rare Earth Minerals Project is located in an area primarily cleared for farming. VHM Limited understands the importance of retaining the rural functionality character of the region. By working with landholders and the wider community VHM will work to ensure environmental and community values are protected.


Rehabilitation of VHM’s exploration program is undertaken progressively, and in consultation with landholders and regulatory departments. To date, all exploration programs have avoided disturbance of native vegetation and are being successfully rehabilitated back to their previous land use.